Jinko solar

Jinko Solar’s module is world first PID Free module under the condition of 85℃ / 85% RH. It can be used for all applications, especially ideal for installations in regions of high temperature and high humidity. It sets a new standard of reliability and performance for photovoltaic systems. With power classes of up to 275Wp, it is the most powerful 60-cell module of its type available in the market. World’s first double 85 certified PID Free module ensures highest reliability under all extreme conditions.

Key Features

Four bus-bar cell technology provides a more robust and powerful module ideal for rooftop applications

Polycrystalline 60-cell module with power output available to 375W (16.50% conversion efficiency)

Improved low light performance through advancements in glass technology and surface texturing

Tested and tried to endure up to 5400Pa positive and 2400Pa negative loads

Certified by TUV for high salt mist and ammonia resistance

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