Network Management...

We effect the operations, administration, maintenance and the provisioning of networked systems. You'll find advice on how to select the best network management software and how to integrate management tools with your network environment. Our network management tools help you automate, simplify, and integrate your network to reduce operational costs and improve productivity.

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Document Management...

We offer Document Management solutions, Document Imaging, scanning, Indexing, information sharing, business process management, integration, tracking and auditing tools.

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Endpoint Security...

Protection Suite: Combines endpoint security, messaging security, and backup & recovery to create a protected endpoint and messaging environment.
Endpoint Protection: The next generation of AntiVirus with unmatched defense against threats for laptops, desktops, and servers.

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Database Engineering...

We deal with Database design; Database performance tuning and Database administration. Our engineers are versed in configuring database parameters and deploying database related code to non-development database systems. We are concerned with the designing, management and tuning databases such that they efficiently grow and change with the organisations which rely on them.

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PALETTE is a global broad-based technology services integrator that helps companies implement intelligent solutions that solve business and operational issues. PALETTE's suite of services aim to meet the unique requirements of organizations, while at the same time adding value. Learn more »


Our services will help in growing your market, tackling new challenges, increasing competitive advantages, planning for the future and satisfying our clients.
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NETGEAR is at the forefront of home computer networking technology; offering exciting entertainment possibilities for home networking. NETGEAR, for over 10 years, has been delivering a continuous stream of innovative networking products that deliver style, ease-of-use, value, performance, security, and reliability. For businesses, NETGEAR provides networking, storage and security solutions without the cost and complexity of big IT.



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